Top reason as to why Lgpinsulation is necessary to your house this season.

insulation of pipesThe insulation of pipes is a sensitive issue, especially in regions that are frozen completely during winter every year. This provides an opportunity for a booming business in insulation of pipes for reputed service providers like But, in common man’s terms, pipe insulation is a process of insulating pipe work for both thermal and acoustic issues. It becomes extremely necessary for the following reasons.

  • The condensation control: The potential of water vapour to condense over pipe surface increases in below ambient temperatures. This leads to corrosion or rusting of the pipes. Insulations can prevent this from happening. Condensation does not occur for two reasons. One, the insulation is always above dew point temperature. Two, the insulation will be made of barriers to prevent water vapour from passing through it.
  • Freezing of pipes: Some of the pipes will be obviously located outside the house or in unheated areas. During cold winters, the water will freeze causing the pipe to burst at times. This becomes a huge problem till the repair is complete. By using Lgpinsulation for pipes, this can be prevented easily. Remember that when water expands in volume due to thermal expansion properties when it freezes.
  • Save energy: The operation of the pipe varies depending on the temperature difference between your house ambient air and pipe. The heat flow might become undesirable and insulation will introduce thermal resistance to reduce the heat flow. Also, you will have to keep the house warm for this purpose. This will result in high energy expenses. But, insulating can save you from all this trouble or a long time.
  • Against extreme temperatures: At extreme high or low temperatures, physical contact with the pipe work can prove to be injurious to anyone. To maintain the surface temperature of the pipes within the international standards threshold for human contact, it becomes a necessity to insulate the pipe with Lgpinsulation. The thickness of the insulation depends on the working condition of the pipes and on the energy savings. For instance, insulating a pipe work used for heating purposes with too much thickness is not a good idea.
  • Noise control: Pipes can prove to be a conduit to transfer noise from one part of your house to another. It commonly happens with waste water pipes. Sometimes, even the fixed wall and floor will contribute to it. Acoustic insulation is the method to avoid such radiating noise. The insulation will act to damp wall pipes and performs an acoustic decoupling function.

Commonly used materials for insulation

  • Flexible foams: Developed over an EDPM rubber properties. It has the highest resistance to water vapour without any special barriers. Also, capable of preventing condensation with a small thickness of insulation.
  • Polyethylene: It is widely used to prevent freezing of water pipes during winters by reducing heat loss. It is very flexible.
  • Rigid foam: Insulation made from PUR, PIR and rigid Phenolic is common in a few countries. Also, the acoustic performance is minimal, it has the lowest thermal conductivity saving energy expenses.

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