How to Turn Good Ideas into Great Businesses

Investor Steve SpinnerThere are amazing ideas all around us. Many people come across new business ideas everyday. However, ideas that could form great building blocks for successful businesses are often passed on by entrepreneurs due to various reasons. Let’s face it. Building a business from an idea is tough. Having an idea is one thing, selling it to a skeptical audience is another. Making a huge success story out of it? Seems difficult. However, every day there is someone in your city or town who is making slow but sure progress in turning his/her ideas into successful and profitable businesses.

The key to a great business is to know what customers want in your chosen niche. The engine that really drives your business is your ability to convert your knowledge into a feasible business plan. Continue reading

Ditch The Dining Room To Save Space

Dining RoomNow a days I am busy getting the dining rooms out of the new home designs and even in remodeling projects as hardly families now dine formally.
However, even without formal dining a lot of people still want to keep their dining room for the following reasons:
• They never thought about not having one.
• They have been convinced by their real estate agent that the house can’t be sold without it.
• They own a dining room set
• They still dine formally on a daily bases (hmmm)

A bit of out of the box thinking is needed in this situation. Given the rise in costs of construction, it is important that a closer look be given and the decision be made as to what is actually needed and what is not in your home.
The chances are that a dining room is not needed. Continue reading

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Renter’s Insurance, Can A Landlord Enforce It On Tenants?

Renter’s InsuranceThese days’ landlords are asking their renters to get the renter’s insurance for their tenancy period with a lot of persistence. The taking up of the policy is beneficial for both the tenant and the landlord as well. Added to this these are not that expensive either, the cost is approximately $125-$175 per year, giving a good coverage. First the reasons for the need of insurance will be discussed, followed by the question of whether the landlord can enforce it on the tenants.

Continue reading

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If You Want An Energy Home, A Good Design Is The Start

Energy HomeUntil now if you have not given much thought to the consumption and wastage of energy by your new house, start now.
In fact this should be a top priority for you and if for nothing else, then for your pocket’s sake.
The energy costs are going to increase by the day, as we have witnessed recently, given the world political situation. All this is going to result in the increased costs of heating and cooling your house with time.
Saving money by saving energy is just one part of the equation, the other side is the importance of a good design. Continue reading

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All About The Basics Of Construction Costs

Construction CostsGenerally when people go about building a new home and need to compare their costs, they use square foot pricing as their unit of comparative measurement. Before going into any other details, let’s give an in-depth look into the square foot pricing.
The square foot pricing is a simple method with which the construction prices can be compared of two similar houses, different features and are in different cities.
This is a method good for a rough estimate and should not be used to get the exact costs for the construction.
After seeing a house and a bit of information about it, an estimate of its cost can be given. However, for example it is a 2,500 square foot home custom based, the range of $20 per square is a big figure. The estimate on a $250,000 house with $50,000 is an unwanted cost. Continue reading

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30 Days Are Not Enough For Refinancing

RefinancingThe general expectations about refinancing the house are that it takes 30 days but experiences tell us otherwise. It takes more than 30 days.
Following are the reasons:
Given the current economic situation, the MBS (Mortgage backed securities) keep on the after investment, giving a conservative and safe returns when compared to stocks. Added to this the mortgage rates continue to be historically low, giving a 3.2 percent rate which is fixed for 30 years.
On the side of the banks, credit unions and lenders, they are facing an overall higher volume than their working capacity during a year. The demand for refinance money over the purchase money is increasing by the day, compared to the capacity.
To the question if the refinance will close, the answer is yes but will take more than the estimated 30 days. Continue reading

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